A Conservative Grassroots Group
Dedicated to the Constitution

The Navarre Patriots is a grassroots group united to educate, motivate and act to retain our economic and individual liberty in America, and the sovereignty of Florida.

We are not Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or any other party.  We're Americans fighting for our country and the state of Florida!

Please contact the Navarre Patriots by email at

Questions and suggestions welcomed!


Long term shelf life foods and preparedness items:

The Navarre Patriots meet the 2nd Thursday (& 4th during winter) of each month at the Fire Station* behind Winn Dixie in Navarre, FL.  Meetings start at 6:30pm and typically run until 8:30.
* Holley-Navarre Fire District Station 45, 8618 Esplanade Street, Navarre, FL 32566
If you have something you'd like to discuss or add to the agenda, please contact us at
Please check the event calendar for meeting confirmation and others events.


The KrisAnne Hall Show
Sundays, 4:00pm eastern/3:00pm central 

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